New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act

The Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“CEPA”) is a broad-based statute that protects whistleblowers from retaliation for objecting to something that they reasonably believed was a violation of the law. Retaliation means any adverse employment action, which can take many forms which include but not limited to termination, demotion, suspension or harassment.

The monetary damages available to a Plaintiff in a CEPA case may include back pay, front pay, pain and suffering and mental distress damages. Moreover, a Plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages, designed to punish a Defendant-Employer and attempt try to deter them from engaging in similar acts in the future when the conduct is especially egregious, Furthermore, a Plaintiff may recover his or her attorney’s fees and costs of suit. Finally, an employee may seek injunctive relief requiring the employer to rehire the whistleblower to his or her former position or the equivalent thereto.

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